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Discover the soul of Setesdal with Daniel Sandén Warg in his comprehensive course at The Folk Music Academy. Renowned for his mastery of the Hardanger fiddle, Daniel takes you on a journey to the mountains of southern Norway. This course offers more than just technical skills; it's a deep dive into the rich musical heritage of Norway, guided by a musician who has lived and breathed this culture for over two decades.

Experience firsthand the unique melodies, bowings, and rhythms that make Setesdal's music enchanting, guiding you through tunes such as "Dolkaren," "Nordalaupen," and "Faremoen". Daniel emphasizes the "bluesy notes" that'll give the music a distinctive spice. He also shows you "Tvitrøing", the double stomp that is unique to the music from Setesdal. His approach, shaped by years of self-taught mastery and exploration, involves critical listening and replicating the music’s subtle complexities, offering students insights into achieving authentic folk sound.

This course isn't just about learning music; it's about connecting with a tradition that has captivated Daniel to the point of making Setesdal his home. You'll learn not only from his technical expertise but also from his journey—from discovering folk music as a child to becoming one of its most respected performers. 

The course is taught on a regular fiddle tuned down to F# and a Hardanger fiddle tuned to B.

About the Hardanger Fiddle

The Hardanger fiddle is a traditional Norwegian instrument that has been a central part of the country's folk music tradition for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the early 17th century when it was developed in the Hardanger region of southwestern Norway. The earliest known example of the hardingfele is from 1651, made by Ole Jonsen Jaastad in Hardanger, Norway. The instrument is unique in that it has four or five sympathetic strings that resonate with the main strings, creating a rich and complex sound. It is often used to play traditional Norwegian music such as the halling, gangar and the springar, which are popular dance forms in the country. Today, the Hardanger fiddle remains an essential part of Norwegian folk music and is appreciated by musicians and enthusiasts around the world for its unique sound and cultural significance.

Article about the Hardanger Fiddle by Ole Gjerde
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Hardanger Fiddle

About Daniel Sandén Warg

Born in 1977 in Östersund, Sweden, Daniel Sandén-Warg is a celebrated folk musician known for his mastery of instruments like the Hardanger fiddle and Jaws harp. He moved to Setesdal, Norway, where Hallvard T. Bjørgum taught him. His notable works include 'Warg Buen' and the 'Rammeslag' series, which garnered significant accolades.
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