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Prepare for an enriching journey into the world of the English concertina with "English Concertina for Beginners," a comprehensive online course led by renowned musician Rob Harbron, soon to be launched on The Folk Music Academy platform. Tailored specifically for beginners, this course offers a step-by-step approach to mastering the basics of the concertina, guided by Rob's expertise and patient instruction. From understanding the instrument's layout to acquiring essential techniques like bellows control and fingering, beginners will receive a solid foundation to kickstart their musical exploration.

Rob Harbron's extensive experience as both a performer and educator ensures that this course is accessible and engaging for learners at the novice level. Through clear explanations, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive exercises, Rob demystifies the complexities of the English concertina, empowering beginners to progress confidently on their musical journey. Whether you're brand new to the instrument or have just begun your musical endeavors, "English Concertina for Beginners" provides the perfect starting point to develop your skills and build a strong musical foundation.

In addition to practical instruction, this beginner course offers an exciting opportunity to learn your first tunes, including classics like "Hexam Races," "Young Collins," and "Kettle Drum." Join Rob Harbron and fellow beginners on this captivating musical journey, and embark on the path to mastering the English concertina while exploring the rich tapestry of folk music heritage.

This course covers the English system concertina – not the Anglo or Irish system.  English system concertinas play the same note on the push and pull of the bellows, and the scale alternates between the left and right hands. The standard English system concertina is the Treble, which has roughly the same range as a violin, and that’s what Rob Harbron uses for this course, although he is primarily known for playing the Tenor Treble, which has a range more similar to the viola.

About the Concertina

The English concertina is a small, hexagonal-shaped musical instrument that belongs to the family of concertinas. It has a range of about three octaves and is played using both hands, with each hand operating a separate set of buttons. The English concertina has a bright and clear sound, which makes it a popular choice for traditional British folk music. It is often used to play lively dance tunes such as jigs and reels. Despite its small size, the English concertina is a versatile and expressive instrument that can produce a wide range of sounds and emotions. 
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About Rob Harbron

Renowned as a ‘concertina wizard,’ Rob Harbron excels in the English concertina, notably with Leveret. Collaborating widely, he's known for his harmonic style. His solo career explores traditional tunes and compositions, highlighted by his debut album "Meanders" and a recent tunebook. 
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