The Concertina Wizard

Rob Harbron stands out as a masterful exponent of the English concertina, earning accolades such as 'concertina wizard' from The Guardian for his exceptional skill and unique harmonic approach. As a pivotal member of Leveret alongside Sam Sweeney and Andy Cutting, he has not only extensively toured but also contributed to the creation of four significant albums. Harbron's collaborations extend far and wide, encompassing esteemed artists like Jon Boden, Emma Reid, and The Full English, showcasing his versatility and influence within the folk music scene. His involvement with institutions like the National Youth Folk Ensemble and the Royal Shakespeare Company underscores his commitment to music education and performance.

Currently, Harbron is delving into the realm of solo performance, offering a repertoire that spans rediscovered traditional tunes and original compositions. His inaugural solo album, "Meanders," released in 2019, marks a significant milestone in his solo career, complemented by the publication of a tunebook featuring 54 meticulously crafted original and adapted tunes. Through his multifaceted endeavors, Harbron not only enriches the contemporary folk music landscape but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring musicians and enthusiasts alike.

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