About this course

Tom Oakes brings you along for a musical journey around Ireland and the UK, with his Whistle as the guide and the traditions and tunes as his stops along the way. The Whistle has many names and throughout this course, you will discover many of its secrets. Technique lessons include crans, burls, rolls, triplets, vibrato, playing in different keys, and first of all: How to hold it.

With Tom's help, you can go from a beginner to a master. Learn fun tunes from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Dive down into each style and discover what makes each of them sound different and unique.

About the Whistle

The Tin Whistle, or the penny whistle, has been a beloved and integral part of traditional folk music for centuries. Originating in Ireland, it quickly spread to other cultures, becoming a staple in music around the world. The instrument's simplicity and portability have made it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and its distinctive sound and easy-to-learn nature make it a great choice for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. Let its rich history and universal appeal inspire you to explore the beauty of music and the joy it brings.
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About Tom Oakes

2019 Scots Trad Awards ‘Musician of the Year’ nominee, Tom is regarded as one of the UK’s top Flautists and Multi-instrumentalists.
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Tom Oakes

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