New Zoom Series - Folk Rhythm Tuesdays

Published on April 10th, 2021

We are launching a new Zoom workshop series called "Folk Rhythm Tuesdays". It's hosted by Jens Linell, a drummer in the Nordic folk scene (SVER, GKN5, Mæd Luggumt) and a co-founder of The Folk Music Academy.

The first installment of this series will be on Tuesday the 13th of April.

What is this series about?
I wanted to do a series that could help people with their rhythmical listening. This is not intended for percussionists but for any musician interested in developing a deeper understanding of how rhythm plays a role in musical communication.

Do I need to bring out my drums to attend?
No, this course will focus on exercises that are made either on your preferred instrument as well as with your own body or voice.

Is it for beginners or more advanced musicians?
We can divide the series into different levels if we encounter the need to do that, but for now, we'll stick with a pretty broad scope.

What is "Folk Rhythm"?
A good question, the term is used here to emphasize that we will use elements from traditional tunes and dance. My specialization is the Nordic tradition with the main focus on Swedish and Norwegian traditional music and dance, so we'll use a lot of rhythmical patterns from that type of music and dance.

What can people expect?
Hopefully, you can expect to learn something new each time, even in areas that you might think you already know about. We'll discuss and work in a practical manner, break down tunes into motifs, phrases, bowings and see how things are connected. There will also always be a Q&A where you can bring up any questions you might have.

- Jens Linell

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