NEW COURSE with Jan Beitohaugen Granli!

Published on October 23rd, 2020

To is our WE-LOVE-VALDRES day! A brand new course on Hardanger fiddle by one of the absolute monsters on the instrument: Jan Beitohaugen Granli.

We are ecstatic, to say the least, to announce that we today release a brand new Hardanger fiddle course with none other than Jan Beitohaugen Granli from Valdres. Jan is one of the absolute best solo players on the Hardanger in the world. He has won the Landskappleik (national competition) many times and has been a music teacher since 2004.

Learn springar, more springar, some springar, and also a Bonde, a Listening tune and Halling.

Check out his course here:

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