NEW COURSE with Kevin Henderson!

Published on November 27th, 2020

We are so pleased to release the first-ever course from Scotland, to be more exact: from The Shetland Islands! With none other than Kevin Henderson Music, one of the best fiddlers to ever come out of the isles.

Shetland is an amazing place with tons of musical heritage, and thanks to an insurance broker and large amounts of whiskey a lot of the traditional music was preserved for later generations to learn from and bring to new life. Kevin started out with Willie Hunter as his fiddle teacher and became so good that he joined "The Boys of the Loch" at a young age, replacing Aly Bain! He has toured all over the world and taught at many fiddle camps, like "The Nordic Fiddler's Bloc Camp". He has vast experience in the Shetland tradition and brings with him reels, jigs, hornpipes, marches, and a very unusual tune made from the rhythm of the spinning wheel.

This is your chance to dive into some great Shetland tunes, whether you play fiddle or any other instrument, to learn from a true master, and to do it at your own pace.

Check it out here: Shetland Fiddle with Kevin Henderson

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