Folk Fiddle for Beginners with Vegar Vårdal!

Published on January 29th, 2021

We release a brand new course today: Vegar Vårdal's "Folk Fiddle for Beginners".

If you have a fiddle hanging on the wall: now is the time to take it down and start playing. Whether you are 7 or 77 years old, with Vegar as your guide, you will start your journey towards mastery and joy with this fantastic beginners course. 

With the energy and playfulness of folk music, Vegar teaches beautiful tunes and easy second voices by ear. How to hold the fiddle and the bow, how to tune and change strings, how to play scales, and much much more. With the aid of a visual system that shows you which string and finger are being played, anyone can use this course to learn the fiddle.

Vegar Vårdal is a musician, dancer, and composer with more than 20 years of experience performing as well as working as an educator. Vegar lives in Vågå in Gudbrandsdalen but has the whole of Norway and the world as his working place. He plays both regular and Hardanger fiddle, with education from the Norwegian Academy of Music. Vegar is characterized as an energetic, playful, and versatile musician - and moves across a wide range of genres.

Vegar was awarded "Norwegian Folk Musician of the year" in 2020.

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