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Ånon Egeland teaches some of "his" greatest hits, given to him over coffee and sandwiches in kitchens all around the Agder county in southern Norway. Ånon's old teachers, Salve Austenå, Sigurd Fjellstad, Andris Rysstad, Georg Brobakken and many more, gave him this musical torch to carry on to you!

Get down into the micro-tonality of these wonderful modes of playing "blue" thirds and sevenths. Ånon makes a point of playing on a regular fiddle, even if some of the tunes are learned on Hardanger fiddle. As his teachers said: "Yes. so what? It's a fiddle". On some tunes we tune down one whole tone, precisley as some of these old guys did. Learn the bowing and stomping, what to focus on and how to play this great style of fiddle music. As Ånon says: "For my sake we can drop the 'Folk', and for that matter, the 'Traditional' part of the term, and say: It's just music".

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About the Fiddle

The fiddle, also known as the violin, has a long and rich history that can be traced back to the 16th century in Italy. The instrument was originally designed to be played in orchestras and other classical music settings. However, it soon became popular in folk music traditions around the world, including in regions such as Ireland, Scotland, the Nordic countries, and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. The fiddle's popularity in these traditions can be attributed to its versatility and ability to convey emotion and tell stories through music. Today, the fiddle remains a beloved instrument in many genres of music, including folk, country, and bluegrass, and is appreciated for its beautiful sound and ability to evoke strong emotions in listeners.
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About Ånon Egeland

 Ånon Egeland has got his tradition from legendary fiddlers of Agder and is best known as a promoter of this musical heritage. Ånon has a very personal style of play rooted in tradition, and he has a large repertoire of rare tunes. 
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Ånon Egeland

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