Ånon Egeland

Fiddle, Agder [NO]

Teaches a course on Fiddle, Agder


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About Ånon

Ånon Egeland has got his tradition from legendary fiddlers of Agder and is best known as a promoter of this musical heritage. Ånon has a very personal style of play rooted in tradition, and he has a large repertoire of rare tunes. Since he debuted on LP in 1977, he has participated in a dozen albums with the best traditional musicians in Scandinavia, he has spread his music in 22 countries on four continents. He has worked full-time as a teacher in traditional music since 1988, and at the Institute of Folk Culture at Rauland, University of Southeast Norway, since 1999.

"None of my teachers were involved in organized folk music circles; they played for the sheer joy of it and to keep their legacy alive. As a result, their repertoires and playing styles flourished freely, impervious to the influence of ideology and fashion. The qualities of their music and their relationship to it left an indelible mark on me"
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