Fiddle, Dalarna, Sweden

Ellika Frisell is a prominent figure in Sweden's folk music scene, known for her influence as both a player and teacher. Her musical journey began when she met Thore Härdelin in Delsbo, he was an important inspiration and emphasized the importance of the bow and how to make it swing for dancers. Later she discovered the lively music of Bingsjö and Orsa and was inspired by fiddlers like Ole Hjort, Jonny Soling, Nils Agenmark, and  Päkkos Gustaf, who became her valued companions and mentors.

Over the years, Ellika has played with various folk music groups, including Filarfolket, Den Fule, Rosenbergs Sjua, and Ellika Solo Rafael. She is also a frequent soloist and collaborator, performing traditional folk music with artists such as Mats Edén, Sven Ahlbäck, Sten Källman, and Emma Reid. Currently, Ellika is touring with the esteemed duo Ellika Frisell & Rafael Sida, who recently released the album "Färg & Tid" under Supertraditional Records.

Since the mid-1990s, Ellika has been sharing her musical expertise as a teacher at the Folk Music faculty at the Royal Academy of Music. Together with fellow pedagogue Ami Dregelid, she instructs aspiring musicians on how to play for dancing, passing on her knowledge and passion for traditional Swedish music.

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