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In this course, Johanne Løkensgard Mjøs lays the foundation for how to play the Hardanger Fiddle in the traditional Norwegian style. She teaches how to tune, hold, and play this amazing instrument. The course is taught by ear and you also have the Colorstrings finger-numbering to help you, along with Johanne's helping hand and guidance.

She goes into depth on the traditional playing style to get you set up to learn from the many other Hardanger fiddle courses on the site. If you are new to this music this course is a great place to start. Exercises in ornamentations, double strings, double stops, and many awesome tunes. Ranging from the very basic to some pretty advanced ones.

What are you waiting for? Get that Hardanger down from the wall, tune it and start your journey to mastery.

About the Hardanger Fiddle

The Hardanger fiddle is a traditional Norwegian instrument that has been a central part of the country's folk music tradition for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the early 17th century when it was developed in the Hardanger region of southwestern Norway. The earliest known example of the hardingfele is from 1651, made by Ole Jonsen Jaastad in Hardanger, Norway. The instrument is unique in that it has four or five sympathetic strings that resonate with the main strings, creating a rich and complex sound. It is often used to play traditional Norwegian music such as the halling, gangar and the springar, which are popular dance forms in the country. Today, the Hardanger fiddle remains an essential part of Norwegian folk music and is appreciated by musicians and enthusiasts around the world for its unique sound and cultural significance.

Article about the Hardanger Fiddle by Ole Gjerde
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Hardanger Fiddle

About Johanne Løkensgard Mjøs

Johanne Løkensgard Mjøs is a young Hardanger fiddle and regular fiddle player from Bergen in Norway. She has specialized in teaching children and beginners as well as playing concerts around Norway.
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Johanne Løkensgard Mjøs

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