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Get down to the roots of the Finnish Kantele tradition with the guidance of one of their leading artists: Maija Kauhanen.

In this course, Maija goes through many different techniques, styles, and shows how to make your own music on the Kantele. She uses the 5-kielinen Kantele (5-string), the Pienkantele (10-18 strings) and the Saarijärven Kantele.

Learn the basics of playing these instruments together with beautiful and powerful tunes, as well as more advanced techniques and sounds.

This is a great introduction to the Finnish Kantele tradition, and the perfect time to get your hands on the national instrument of Finland: the Kantele.

Builders of Finnish Kantele

Kari Kauhanen | The builder of Maija's Kanteles, website coming.
Koistinen Kantele | www.koistinenkantele.com
Lovikka | lovikka.com
Melodia Soitin | kanteleworkshop.com
Rauno Nieminen | http://raunonieminen.com
Jouni Kurki | https://www.kurkikantele.com/ | (continuing the work of Jyrki Pölkki)

Filmed by: Olav Luksengård Mjelva
Edited by: Jens Linell 

About the Kantele

The Kantele is a traditional Finnish stringed instrument that has been an integral part of the country's folk tradition for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times when it was used for entertainment and music-making during communal gatherings. Over time, the Kantele has evolved into a symbol of Finnish culture, with a unique sound that is instantly recognizable. Today, the Kantele continues to be an important part of Finnish folk music, and musicians around the world are discovering its beautiful and haunting melodies.
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About Maija Kauhanen

A powerfully expressive voice, deep-rooted Kantele, and inventive percussion: fleet-fingered virtuoso and one-woman band Maija Kauhanen specialize in Finnish Saarijärven kantele and the old and rare technique of playing kantele using a tiny wooden stick as a plectrum. Weaving this together with poly-rhythms and organic beats, she creates unique soundscapes and compelling grooves.
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Maija Kauhanen

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