Antti Järvelä

Fiddle - Finland

Teaches a course on Fiddle, Ostrobothnia [FI]


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About Antti

Antti Järvelä grew up in the heart of Järvelä village in a small town of Kaustinen, Finland, in an amazingly musical family. There the traditional fiddling has already been successfully carried through at least 3 centuries and furthermore countless generations. 

Antti started playing the fiddle from the age of four and soon adapted the local dance fiddling style directly from his grandfather (and one of the very finest regional dance musicians) Johannes Järvelä. In Kaustinen Music College Antti also started to learn the double bass, which soon became his other main instruments. After studying violin and bass at the famous Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, he eventually decided to make music his profession. 

Antti works as a full-time freelance musician and teacher all around the world, carrying on the energy and fun he’s got to experience with folk music. He is the founder of the Finnish-Norwegian powerfolk string band Frigg and a member of bands such as Baltic Crossing, JPP, Troka and last - but not at all the least - the founder and director of the one-of-a-kind folk music collective Orivesi All Stars! 

Apart from working as a full-time musician, arranger and composer Antti is also an awarded recording and mixing engineer, producer.
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