Astrid Sulheim

Fiddle - Gudbrandsdalen

Teaches a course on Fiddle, Gudbrandsalen [NO]


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About Astrid

Astrid Sulheim (b. 1977) is an amazing fiddler from Lom in Gudbrandsdalen where she works as a doctor. She started playing at an early age and had Rolv Brimi as her main teacher, she has also been taught by Knut Kjøk, Aumund Bjørgen, and Bjørn Odde. She has been apart of a strong community of traditional music and has been competing in the annual "Landskappleik", a national competition for traditional music since she was a kid. Astrid won the national competition in solo playing, group playing, and with her "spelmanslag", a team of fiddlers from the same region. She is a part of the musical groups "Atterljomen and "Tufskrøkjun", with several albums that have received startling reviews.

The main focus of her course here on the Folk Music Academy will be the mystical "Springleik", a three-beat rhythm that is very closely related to "Pols", "Polska" and "Springar". She also teaches some beautiful waltzes and groovy hallings. 
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